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He has close to perfect grades, handsome face and very likeable personality. ”There is silence threading over the air around them, but then Seongwoo ruffles his head, his mouth curving into a smile.“No, it’s not.” answers Seongwoo. Focuses on how each member combats with their love life and friendship. Other side couples are discussed in this work, too. Will include some short forms to make it more realistic Jonghyun is the president of the school council aka the perfect guy where all the teachers and students know about.It’s a very odd life but I deal with it nonetheless. If it was my calling to be spiritual communicator for those who have passed into the other world, then that’s what I’ll do.You often do the nail-art, did you personally design it? If it’s a difficult character to draw, I ask her/him to do it.SEE ALSO: [Interview] MXM answer your questions about 'Produce 101', future re-debut with Wanna One members, and more!

Meanwhile, netizens seem to be in the middle of an argument as to whether or not it's "fair" for NU'EST to continue to compete on 'Produce 101' season 2, especially after noting their rising popularity with their currently inactive group.

too bad that it was going to only get harder.(or: when popular, nice scholarship kid lee daehwi is suddenly subjected to bullying, and his best friends, totally-not-his-crushes, park jihoon and bae jinyoung - also the power couple of the school - can't believe this is happening) [social media/narrative format] When a person comes of age, a red ribbon appears, connecting them to their soulmate.[a collection of short stories within the red ribbon (string) of fate! Any messages spirits may have for the living are passed through me; sometimes very persistently.

au -- basically me dumping all the ships I've ever wanted to write into one place. Sometimes spirits are hard to ignore and I must reach out to a living loved one, skeptic or not.

What happens when Minhyun, a classmate of Jonghyun saw him in his workplace? Vegas is the only place an uptight-neat freak like Ren can really loosen up, and the only place JR probably wont get arrested for being drunk on the streets. i’m gonna say i am.” dongho ran his hands down minki’s sides, caressing his thighs and hips. if you're not we can finish watching transformers.”or casual sexy times with baekho and ren,, My name is Aron Kwak and I am a psychic medium.

it'd been a long day for lee daehwi - a long, hard day. I can communicate with loved ones who have passed onto the other side.

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