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Of course, the random encounter at a supermarket or something could just as easily lead to dating/gf, so none of this can reallybe set in stone.I think the best way to "meet girls" is to talk to them.) (wheres), through friends and acquaintances (group meet-ups, parties, etc.) (how), etc.It's more or less similar to "where or how do you meet people outside of school?Hi I'm just wondering where you would meet a girl outside of high school / university?Seems like when your out of school the only place to meet girls would be bar/club and imo thats a ****** place because most are ****s or w/e.The more friends you make the better chances you'll find someone you have great chemistry with. That's where I met my wife and most of the girls I dated. Most churches have youth events and college and career ministries. Furthermore, who's to say that these are the seedy types of bars where the only woman are [censored by the filter] or [other censored word]?

Don't go to a library if you think reading is boring. If you build a deck like that, and ever draw that hand, I will personally come to wherever you live, perform complicated acts of awestruck ********, then disembowel myself to escape the world that allowed something like to to occur and validate you.

Also, I work out at a gym and I see lots of other women there aside from myself as well.

I also see LOTS of guys chatting it up with women there.

Well, meeting girls is half the battle, remember that.

But honestly just going out and about is a great way to meet girls.

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