Dating lame

Nudie Cohn’s second creation for Elvis was the famous COWBOY OUTFIT from Loving You.Filming started in the middle of January 1957, so we can assume that Nudie delivered the outfit to Paramount somewhere in late December 1956 or early January 1957 at the latest.

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Below we have a (small) photo of Nudie and Tom in 1965.1956 was the year the first wave of Elvis Presley Enterprises memorabilia flooded America.Only one such item carried Elvis in his Gold Suit, which may seem like a missed opportunity at first.Before the Gold Suit was projectiled to it’s eventual iconic status with the release of Elvis’ Golden Records, Volume 2 in 1959, there was the Loving You / Teddy Bear single, released in June of 1957.Apart from the truckload of photos that were taken during the live gigs in 1957 when Elvis either wore the complete suit or only parts of it, only 1 other photo seems to exist.

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