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Just as Christ became a fragrant offering to the Father, so we become a fragrant offering through our tribulation.With every act of suffering, we can gain a greater insight into the depth and nature of the debt God paid for us when He became man and died the cruelest of deaths, a death reserved for traitors.(Genesis ) The Biblical story explicitly ties Cain’s refusal of any suffering as the reason for his downfall.

The We must immediately note that the term “theology of the body” goes far beyond the content of the reflections that were made. While the world frequently misrepresents almost everything Christians believe, they seem to instinctively understand that we have a certain understanding about the nature of suffering.

(Isaiah 53) Christ didn’t tell people to live a life defined by pleasure, but to “take up your cross and follow me.” This isn’t to say that Christians never experience joy, or that we will always suffer.

It is however a statement that the life of a Christian is a life of great difficulty, but even greater reward.

John Paul II discusses who man was in the beginning, who he is now (after original sin), and who he will be in the age to come.

He then applies this message to the vocations of marriage and celibacy, in preparation for the Kingdom of Heaven. Thomas Loya Katrina Zeno Christopher West Marriage Study Groups Parish Ministry spiritual Dr.

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