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They were echoed by delegates from Latin America who called it “highly problematic.” Canada’s representative said, “we cannot accept this.” An Australian delegate said they were “extremely disappointed.” Many justified their opposition as technicalities and not as a substantive matter.

UN agencies continue to promote “comprehensive sexuality education” through their offices around the world, though the General Assembly rejected it last year.Visibly frustrated European and Latin American delegates called for a vote on these amendments, a request only made in UN negotiations when the stakes are high.More often than not these delegations are able to use the rules of procedure to their advantage.Lined with exotic palm trees, filled with the deep turquoise Caribbean Sea, and hosting Saint Lucia’s premier marina – Marigot Bay is pure paradise.Located in this tropical haven stands Marigot Bay Resort and Marina by Capella, an authentic, welcoming, five-star resort offering infinity pools, spa facilities, and fine dining restaurants. Lucia’s beautiful Rodney Bay, Bay Gardens Resorts features three unique and authentic resort hotels that exude the island’s trademark warmth and gracious hospitality. Lucia offers everything you need for an unforgettable island stay, whether you’re hosting a beachfront wedding, traveling on a corporate retreat, or vacationing with family and friends. Lucia hotels and resorts destinations, Bay Gardens Resorts is revered for its impeccable service, practical amenities including all-inclusive dining options, complimentary shuttle service between properties, and inviting accommodations. Lucia from its most authentic and quintessentially Caribbean hotels, Bay Gardens Resorts.

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