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For the 2005 Trustees Report, three separate projections—intermediate, low cost, high cost—were prepared.

These projections are based on three different sets of assumptions about future death rates.

These numbers of persons, by age last birthday, are provided in the life table as the L represents the number of persons who are alive at age last birthday x or older, at any time. One requirement for admission to the Death Registration Area, which since 1933 has included all the States, the District of Columbia and the independent registration area of New York City, was a demonstration of ninety percent completeness of registration.

Because incentives for filing a death certificate are so strong (obtaining burial permits, collecting insurance benefits, settling estates, etc.) and because every State has adopted laws that require the registration of deaths, it is believed that errors of under-registration of deaths are insignificant for the nation as a whole. resident population by single year of age and sex are made by the Census Bureau and are published in Series P-25.

If the experience study is limited to short periods of time, the resulting rates will be more uniformly representative of the entire period.

Today, mortality is most commonly represented in the form of a life table, which gives probabilities of death within one year at each exact integral age.

Basic Concepts A life table is a concise way of showing the probabilities of a member of a particular population living to or dying at a particular age.

In this study, the life tables are used to examine the mortality changes in the Social Security population over time.

Life tables based directly on population data are generally constructed as period life tables because death and population data are most readily available on a time period basis.

Such tables are useful in analyzing changes in the mortality experienced by a population through time.

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