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Within two years it was the most popular machine in the UK and today Dyson vacuum cleaners are the most popular in western Europe.Air conditioning [1902, Willis Carrier] In 1902, a Brooklyn, NY, printer frustrated by the effects that changes of temperature and humidity had on his paper, contracted Willis Haviland Carrier, a local engineer.After discovering radio waves in 1888, the German scientist Heinrich Hertz proved they could be bounced off things.

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The airflow was being choked by the bag walls, causing a dramatic loss of suction.Booth's design, with the filter in front of the vacuum section, was not the true ancestor of the conventional vacuum cleaner.That accolade (if such it can be called) goes to James Spangler, an American asthmatic janitor who wanted a way of cleaning that didn't stir up dust and bring on an attack.In use, the string was seen to vibrate in time with the patient's heart. With his "electrocardiogram" Einthoven was able to look at each of the pqrs signals and diagnose the health of the heart.For his pioneering work, Einthoven was awarded the Nobel prize in 1924.

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