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Dream Works Animation believes that great stories inspire great possibilities.

Striving for the best storytelling imaginable, Dream Works rewrites the rules of what’s been done by encouraging its team and fans alike to imagine something different.

Animation has come a long way since the days of putting pen to paper.

Now it requires top notch software, the right hardware, and technical expertise to support the millions of digital pixels produced to deliver a movie.

This is the exact same girl from the movies he was so madly in love with, but on Race to the Edge Hiccup treats Astrid like she is nothing but an acquaintance to him. He treats him like an accessory, he pushes him away, he ignores him.Read how Dream Works Animation is innovating the future of animation.The new generation of gaming platforms will help us expand our computer-generated movies into interactive entertainment like never before.When Dream Works stars yearn to return to their roots, they take a sojourn at the world’s great theater destinations.Because there’s nothing like an audience full of delighted, wide-eyed kids and happy parents.

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