Javascript code for validating date

If you don't have either one, you have an error and bail out immediately.

First off, add a class to all the checkboxes What exactly didn't work @Joe M ?I know your checkboxes will be asp control, but the principle remains the same Basically the javascript I gave you shouldn't be in it's own function, but should just be included on the page somewhere or in a JS file that's included on the page.If they choose today's date (The Date of Request field) they have to choose at least One ( 1 day) (the Requested Posting Date) into the future and everything is working there, but they can choose a past date which is causing some issues.It is for people requesting work or tasks to be completed by me and I have two date pickers.I just need to know how to get the date pickers to not allow you to choose a past date, as if they were grayed out (the past dates, that is); how would I write that?

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