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In 2006, the pretty blonde haired, green eyed girl left for a short vacation with Robert and some of their friends to St. During that weekend, with Jennifer’s permission, her brother Logan stayed at her condo with some of his friends.Flying back to Miami on Sunday, the 22nd, Jennifer spent the night at Robert’s apartment and left the next morning around 6 AM making the three-hour drive to her job in Ocoee, FL.That night she left work at 6 PM and went directly home.She spoke on the phone with her parents, Joyce and Drew, and her brother.Jennifer Kesse was a beautiful, intelligent, and independent 24-year-old with everything going for her.

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One hour after Jennifer’s parents were notified that she never made it into work, the security cameras at Huntington on the Green apartment complex (HOTG), located 1.2 miles away from Mosaic at Millenia, recorded someone driving Jennifer’s black Chevy Malibu into one of the parking spaces of the complex.During that call, Logan informed her that one of his friends had accidentally left his cell phone behind at her place and asked if she could ship it to him. After speaking to her family that evening, at exactly PM she called Robert.The couple routinely spoke to each other every night before going to sleep and every morning on their way to work.She was in a healthy relationship with her boyfriend Robert who lived only a couple of hours away in Ft.Lauderdale and was very close to her family who lived in Bradenton, FL.

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