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Kingston University is the largest provider of higher education in south-west London.

Here, though, bigger social messaging is required: that one must tell police everything, even if it’s embarrassing, even if it the complainant doesn’t fit the textbook victim mould; that there’s no such thing as a predictable response; that there’s no place for shame.

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The witness countered that she was motivated to go to police only after she saw a “a pattern” of behaviour in Ghomeshi, she testified: “I wasn’t an isolated incident.” She told the court that, at the time, she didn’t know what Ghomeshi allegedly did to her was assault: “I didn’t think there was anything to press charges against.” Henein didn’t have to work all that hard for the bricks to come tumbling.

The day began with lawyers in camera before the judge, discussing new disclosures that the third complainant had made at end of day Friday.

Like De Coutere, the witness—whose identity is protected by a publication ban—came forward on the eve of her testimony with information she’d not given the police or the Crown.

The lawyer aggressively questioned why she didn’t tell the police: “You lied,” she said.

“I omitted,” the witness countered, as if that was not, as Henein put it, deliberately misleading.

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