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Oh, I do get excited, even just being there naked as they talk to me, it doesn't stop me masturbating myself at the thought of them seeing me naked.

As I think back, when I was clean shaven I always felt so much more naked, do you understand.

Especially if their bottom is hairy between the cheeks.

Hair hides, magnifies, and traps a woman's essence wonderfully. While writing the last few sentences, I have lifted my skirt to above my waist and lowered my hose and panties down to just above my knees.

Reading about your happenings has warmed my heart, dearest. This sentence I am typing very slowly with one hand.

Then reading about you masturbating in the ladies W. The other hand is doing exactly what your fingers and tongue would be doing were you safely ensconced under my desk between my legs.

They tell beautifully the budding relationship between myself, several women and their transformation into Dominants.I did have someone I was really close to, for a while but she was already in a relationship and started (quite rightly) to feel badly about having an affair, so things sort of fizzled out. Still, it was a good excuse to replace my wardrobe.I splashed out on myself at Christmas, with new trousers, skirts and a couple of new dresses, and panties. Like you said about having a smooth pussy, it just wasn't the same when I thought about not wearing panties just because of my own whim.I am sharing Angel with you now starting in the beginning of 2003, when her life really began ................. (The company was in trouble and so XXX put some capital into them, and a team of us were put in to help 'turn things around', Im not too sure how much I helped in the turnaround, but Xxxx must have been pleased. I wish now that I had kept them, but with one thing and another they have gotten lost. Sometimes we share a bottle of wine and watch TV together. She eventually did notice that I did most of my listening to her with my eyes closed.She phoned me out of the blue in February last year, and I took it without a thought. Ground floor of an old house (1895) quite close to the center of town. I remember most of what happened, but I wished I had your mails, just to remind me of how you had once thought of me as yours. Perhaps the closest to me is the daughter of the woman who lives upstairs from me. I did tell her about you and I and let her read a few tamer letters you wrote me (I do have every single one, would you like to read a few? Cara Beth is still a friend and reminds me about that experience sometimes though I haven't thought about repeating it.

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