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Of course that won’t stop Anna Kendrick from continuing to get banged on the big screen more times then the I in Pixar.

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But the 30-year-old rapper and actor says he's turned over a new leaf.Rumor has it Heidi Klum and Renne Zellweger are fans of this trick. It’s the most unflattering angle there is, and can make you look pounds heavier. Head-on can work, but it’s even better if the camera is slightly above you. It sounds intuitive, but if you know you’re going somewhere where pictures will likely be snapped, wear things you know are flattering. We’ve seen the celebrities do it: Slightly turn your body sideways (toward the camera) planting one foot in front of the other. Since most of us tend to look washed out in everyday photos, a subtle glow makes a world of difference. It’s a basic rule: Whatever is closer to the camera will appear larger. The old bag trick If you’re wearing something that’s tight, bulky, or detailed around the middle, it could look expanded in photos (even if it looks fab in person.) Hold your bag directly infront of the area to mask it in pictures. Well, the camera was definitely on and according to TMZ, those tapes have been acquired by Vivid Entertainment.Vivid executive Steve Hirsch says he acquired the tape and recently got Mi Mi and Nikko to sign off on it.

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