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ir lielākais latviešu dziesmu serveris, jau vairāk kā 12 gadus piedāvājot iespēju ikvienām dalīties savās zināšanās ar latviešu dziesmām.Ir pieejami vairāk kā 8 tūkstoši latviešu dziesmu tekstu.))PART 13 [Continues from : https://vk.com/wall-82881186_157 ]Traditional persons using a social network, very much like in physical life, will join clubs and will visit places they find interesting, not crowded locations and trendy spots where they plan to be more visible for an audience or photographed for a magazine.

For the traditional person the social network is still an extension of the physical world and a practical alternative to a phone call or to a meeting for a coffee to keep in touch, but not a replacement of these more direct and more human interactions (that the narcissist instead will feel like a challenge to be paid for and a privilege to sell, in escort perspective).

Of course this influence on the individual made by work, media and economy has also influence on the whole societies, even on the criteria to elect their representatives and in the way they think that ruling is opportune.

We've many examples in many countries, but in Italy, USA, Baltic countries and Ukraine we've fantastic cases - Meerilo, Minetti, Palin to name few of people (mostly women) elected for their looks and fame, and who tend to rule by propaganda and by special effects to impress the audience rather than with competence and with seriousness for improving the country.

Narcissists instead go in the exhibition that is most advertised, when there is the most public, with the purpose to be seen in the crowd and in tabloid footage.

In the perspective of man-women dynamic, natural and traditional individual interact with the purpose to find someone for a relation; if online, they will be the ones to push for an encounter with the most promising candidate, after a reasonable, natural growth of interest, in which each action has a spontaneous, reciprocal purpose to escalate, and with the orientation to reach also sex as part of this interaction - because their biologic and healthy goal is a full-fledged relation, where one quality person is valued in his fullness (personal, physical, material).

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