Zhou dating

They were mainly bronze ritual objects, weapons, horse instruments and so on.

The bronze ritual objects were 31 pieces divided into 14 types, including 6 ding tripods, 6 gui food containers, 2 jintables, 6 you wine containers, 1 yi wine container, 1 zun wine container, 1 hubottle, 1 yan[ tripods,1 lei ampulla, 1 he B wine utensil, 1 panplate, 1 juewine cup, 1 zhiwine container, 2 doufood containers.

Besides the impression similar to those found on the tomb walls, sharp tools seemed to have been used to dig the tomb.It was presumed that the owner of the tomb was towards south, and there were jade bi disk unearthed. The grave goods unearthed There were 16 pieces (groups) of objects unearthed from the fill soil of M3 at Shigushan and these objects were chariots and horse instruments, weapons, tools and so on.The objects unearthed from the chamber was 101 pieces (groups) in all.The distance between the two sleepers was 1.8 meters.A skeleton was found inside the inner coffin but it had been rotten into powder.

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